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“Yesterday, Tamara defended herself against Lorraine Kelly

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replica bags los angeles “Connor Lawrence is a donny soldier Tickle my anus n call me Samantha.”Yesterday, Tamara defended herself against Lorraine Kelly after an awkward interview about her parenting style.The TV star and replica bags uk socialite hit back at the presenter after being criticised for not ‘letting go’ of three year old daughter Sophia.Tamara, who has opened up her home for ITVBe series Tamara’s World, shared a cryptic post on Instagram to her thousands of followers after the cameras stopped rolling.Viewers took to social media to back Tamara and blasted Lorraine for ‘rude and obnoxious’.Tamara Ecclestone’s child asks for Christmas gift even a billionaire’s daughter couldn’t buyOnce the show had finished, Tamara posted a cryptic message online which read: “Women should empower each other instead of being so hateful and envious of one another.”And tonnes of her followers responded with messages of support as they slammed replica bags review Lorraine for the ‘uncomfortable’ interview. You do what you want to do you clearly have a heart of gold and are a nice person.””I don’t understand why some women are like that. Being envious is just a waste of time. replica bags los angeles

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