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What happens here I unsure of

A less obvious symbol, might be the use of “midnight” in the first verse, and “December” in the second verse. Both midnight and December, symbolize an end of something, and also the anticipation of something new, a change, to happen. The midnight in December, might very well be New Year’s eve, a date most of us connect with change..

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Many of us LGBT people and our allies have experienced Christians trying to drive us out of the church. But Christianity is a big tent and the love of God is even bigger yet. Today, more than 10 million Protestants belong to traditions that have dropped prohibitions against LGBT people..

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The problem with economists is that they possess no similarly ironic distance from their own discipline. The mathematical orientation of modern economics is the foundation of the view within the discipline that they practice real science. In truth, this resemblance constitutes a false positive (reinforced by the false Nobel Prize the Bank of Sweden awards to an economist each year)..

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Take care of your skin it’s your best accessory. Invest in a good moisturiser to keep it clear and supple. Also, remember that what you put into your body shows on your skin, so avoid too much junk food over the weekends, and bask in a healthy glow on Monday mornings.

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