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The Blood elf colours have the strongest association with

fake hermes belt vs real In part I felt that Jake was saying he couldn trust me. That I was at risk of not controlling myself. I took his insecurity as an insult. So yeah, I think there about a hundred lore backed reasons why the blood knight charger should stay exclusive to blood knights and I pretty sure that the direct inspiration for the conscious design choice to not recreate it in the Highlord Charger.If you want to get pedantic then neither Draenei nor Tauren should be able to use the class mounts as they horses which is unfitting, regardless of the colour.The Blood Knight Charger was only seen as the “horde charger” for two expansions because the only paladins the horde had were blood knights.That doesn make it not the “horde charger”, in fact it supports the point. The Blood elf colours have the strongest association with Horde Paladins, just like the human (and what used to be dwarf) colours have the strongest association with Alliance paladins. If Draenei and Dark Irons are using the mount on the bottom right of OPs picture then Tauren and Zandalari should be able to use a matching version of the bottom left.The Draenei are in the same scenario as Tauren yet they are fine because in TBC their mount model wasn in the game yet? That poor ass logic using design and resource limitations as the basis for your point, the Draenei paladins were never from the same organisation as the human paladins, it never made sense for them to have the same mount in TBC.Gameplay wise they should have those colours because those are the iconic horde paladin mount colours, that they can still access with a Glyph, just like how the Alliance colors work.. fake hermes belt vs real

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