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HomeTVTV NewsThe Great British Bake OffWhy did no one leave Bake Off? All the bakers through to week five but editing blunder ruins resultViewers were devastated when they heard Terry was missing but there was a silver liningFurious viewers aired their discontent on social media after the editing ruined the ending.One viewer said: “Did we just see an editing error?? Editor gave a ending shot showing briony exiting just after Rahul leaving the judges!! Did anyone else see???”Another added: “So we already know whos star baker this week Spoilers GBBO no editing done this week”A third said: “I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the editing gaff as Rahul backed off”A fourth also spotted it: “Anyone just notice the mistake in editing where they changed to the end shot congratulating winners and saying goodbye to leaver?! “Noel Fielding revealed to the thrilled bakers that none of them would be leaving.But viewers had already seen the shot of them celebrating just minutes before.He then also strongly hinted that two bakers would go next week when Terry returns.Why is Terry not on Bake Off? Fan favourite and his popular moustache leaves before Dessert Week due to sicknessBefore the bakers fired up the ovens, it was announced that one of the makers was missing for Dessert Week.Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding broke the sad news that Terry had withdrawn because of sickness.However, the rest of the other bakers unanimously agreed he could return next week.They were rewarded for their kind gesture as the judges decided that all of the bakers would be back in the famous white tent next week.That includes Terry, who will be back on top form after his week off.The 56 year old retired air steward took Dessert Week off so that he could recover from illness.(Image: BBC)Paul said of their tough decision: “As judges, it was an extremely difficult week for us both, and Mary and I were going round in circles trying to make the right decision. We both decided that the only fair decision was that no one should go.”While Mary Berry added: “This became neck and neck. Paul and I have the same standards, so we both felt passionate about marking the bakes they had produced.

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