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Corinth Letter Society Revives a Sadly Neglected

canada goose shop austria After she finished a thank you uk canada goose letter with fountain pen at her writing desk, Dina DuBois, of Corinth, Vt., switches canada goose factory sale over to the computer desk to look up an address before walking across the road in Cookeville to mail it on Sept. 13, 2018. Since May, DuBois and others have been tracking their letters as part of the Corinth Society of Handwritten Letters. May not be reprinted or used online without permission. On a languid summer afternoon, Cookeville is pretty as a postcard and canada goose coats on sale agreeably quiet. The village’s handful of buildings are painted with colors from the Vermont palette: understated shades of white, red, green. A quintessential Vermont aroma wafts by, decidedly bovine. canada goose shop austria

The venerable Corinth Academy building, now the pride of the historical society, commands a view of the town hall, a modest green, several homes and the post office. The post office lobby is small, with enough space in front of the counter for a couple of patrons before they must do si do around each other.

canada goose jacket outlet uk Off to the side is an invitation either wonderfully timely or curiously out of date. The call Canada Goose Parka to action: take up pen and paper again to write letters by hand. canada goose jacket outlet uk

canada goose mens uk sale According to the rules, “All letters qualify: expressions of love, empathy, congratulations, breaking of sad or joyous news, honest revelations, political commentary, details of daily life, shared dreams and all imaginings written on any kind of paper or blank cards.” canada goose mens uk sale

canada goose outlet mall The effort began in May; as of July, 34 had signed on. It would seem, in a small town like Corinth, to be going gangbusters. canada goose outlet mall

“Someone who came in said it’s pretty bad we have to be reminded to write letters,” said Beth Thompson, the affable postal clerk.

But many have entirely forgotten about handwritten letters in these digital times, so here we are.

canada goose outlet website review Thompson herself has taken up the challenge, writing letters and notes by hand after a hiatus of decades. She mailed nine in canada goose the first month, sharing tidbits about people, news and weather with relatives around the country. “I just think it’s a wonderful thing to do,” she said, adding, “The computer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” canada goose outlet website review

cheap canada goose jackets china Thompson found pleasure in addressing an envelope to a family member in Maine. “Pumpkinville Road,” she recalled with a smile. Scott Elledge, of Corinth, won a prize the first month for the most letters, 51. For his prolific output, Elledge won some uk canada goose outlet chocolate. He was thrilled, he said, but in the spirit of the thing, the prize added to his writing duties. “That, of course,” he explained, “required another thank you.” cheap canada goose jackets china

Canada Goose online The contest coincided with Elledge’s growing desire to write “more letters than email messages.” He’d realized, “to my great dismay,” that he canada goose clearance was forgetting how to write the cursive script he’d learned years ago in school. His signature, too, had radically changed over time cheap canada goose as he wrote faster and faster. Canada Goose online

“I decided to slow myself down a bit,” Elledge explained, “and live in the now.”

The marathon was supposed to end this month, but thanks to the response, organizers are extending it through winter, the dark time when writing and reading letters might be a diversion and a comfort. The effort has also spread to Strafford, where a half dozen quickly signed up recently in response to a canada goose store small display at the post office. Organizers hope that the project could spread further, perhaps helping post offices that have seen volumes drop in the digital Canada Goose Jackets age. When they dream big, they wish that schools would return to teaching cursive writing. For her, the project is something deep and meaningful.

“It’s not just an antique from the past, but a tradition that can be brought forward,” she said.

Soros said that as emails, texts and social media are speeding communication and stripping it of depth and complexity, our use of language is growing baser. “This is not allowing a human being to go to the depths of themselves,” she said.

Handwritten letters, on the other hand, can be an art form, Soros said, as expressive as baking bread by hand or organic gardening. When she receives such a letter, canada goose uk outlet she Canada Goose Coats On Sale sees it as something to be savored; the handwriting itself says much about the sender. Consider that Lord Nelson, when he wasn’t saving the British Empire at Trafalgar and elsewhere, was an energetic correspondent, with some 5,000 surviving letters. Their letters form the emotional heart of Dear Elizabeth, which will be performed next month at Northern Stage in White River Junction.

Advocates of writing letters, by hand or otherwise, ask whether historians and thinkers of the future will find such gems in the emails and texts of today. In Corinth, Soros speaks of “a living history that I fear is going to canadian goose jacket be lost.”.