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The Nintendo Wii U is also a great choice for families, but it’s on its way out. That’s because Nintendo’s all new game console, the Switch, is coming in March 2017. (Of course, no kid wants to get a 90 day IOU in his/her stocking on Christmas morning.) Wii U review: A fun system for kids, but you should probably wait for the Switch, Nintendo Switch: What we know so far..

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Through comedy, Gethard humanizes depression, reducing stigma by the minute precisely because he holds nothing back. By the end, he’s dispelled the myth that seeking help for feeling sad is weak or that taking medication will kill your creativity “I’m significantly fucking funnier on medication,” he tells us. But even if nothing changes on a larger scale, there is some comfort in knowing Chris Gethard, and his growing contingent of fans, can understand what you’re going through..

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