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I not so much named AFTER a dog as much as a dog greatly

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Witchcraft, modern commentators (mostly) assume, does not exist. Hence invoking a “witch hunt” implies that no crime has occurred the logical implication that follows if witchcraft is not a real possibility. This idea of a specious witch hunt intends to discredit accusers and to dismiss their claims.

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New York City. The Great West. And Europe, where we lived for several months during his first college year abroad.”. SHUSTER: Iranian state television showed live pictures of the pro government rally but it did not show what was going on elsewhere in the city. According to eyewitness accounts, the police and the street militia, known as the Basij, were out in force perhaps in the thousands. Nazanine Moshiri, who was reporting in Tehran for Al Jazeera’s English language satellite channel, described the police presence this morning..

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