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From a genetic point of view, all humans are remarkably similar

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Canada Goose Online After you tally all the plusses and minuses of the Trump candidacy, one my blog fact remains. Trump is still ahead in the polls. Will that be the case after the primaries and some more debates? It’s anyone’s guess. (Because who wants to be friends with someone with completely foreign genes?) There is an advertisement that leverages Brexit angst by noting that “the average British person’s DNA is 60 per cent European.” (Meaning, I suppose, that biology keeps Britain tied to the rest of the continent. Does that also mean it can be used to exclude?) Similarly, finding out that you have more genes from Scotland than from, say, Germany apparently means you should ditch your lederhosen and start wearing kilts a sartorially and scientifically absurd idea.This biology matters perspective, which sales figures suggest people are embracing, is a significant step backward both scientifically and socially.From a genetic point of view, all humans are remarkably similar. Indeed, when the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003 it was confirmed that the “three billion base pairs of genetic letters in humans [are] 99.9 per cent identical in every person.” There are, of course, genetic differences that occur more frequently in certain populations lactose intolerance, for example, is more common in people from East Asia. Canada Goose Online

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