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But in 2016 something odd happened to packs of Kellogg

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replica celine bags The US firm employed hundreds of people at its Venezuela plant churning out brightly coloured packs of cornflakes and Zucaritas to the supermarkets of Caracas and beyond.You probably never heard of Zucaritas, but it essentially just a Latin American Frosted Flakes complete with the familiar image of Tony the Tiger springing forth from a blue background.But in 2016 something odd happened to packs of Kellogg Zucaritas in Venezuela. The boxes were suddenly shorn of almost all their colours. The only colour was a dash of red for the Kellogg logo.The company called it a special edition designed to care of our planet In a marketing campaign it said the packs had done away with coatings were 100 per cent recyclable and made use of ink the ad which heralded the use of fewer colours was itself in full colour.But Venezuelan social media smelled a rat. replica celine bags

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