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Both were aged just 11 months

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replica bags in bangkok Peter and Tami Jenkins, who have seen six of their cats die from suspected anti freeze poisoning in five years. (Image: RSPCA)Get the replica bags australia biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newsletters”We don’t want anyone else going through what we have.”The Burntwood man’s first cat to die from suspected antifreeze poisoning was Tommy, who died in 2014 aged nine; then Fudge who died later that year aged 14; followed by Alfie, who died in 2015 aged 11.Ava who died in replica bags in pakistan 2016 and her twin sister, Maxi, was killed a few weeks later.Both were aged just 11 months. Button died on November 17.The deaths have been reported to the RSPCA and inspector Kate Levesley is investigating.She said: “As there have been suspected antifreeze poisonings in the area we would urge all replica bags from china cat owners to keep a close eye on their pets and their behaviour replica bags koh samui and if they suspect they have been poisoned we would advise they seek immediate veterinary attention.”We would also ask people who are using antifreeze to make sure they are extremely careful in their storage of it and how they dispose of it.. replica bags in bangkok

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